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Why Did I Decide To Create This Site?

Having bought this movie from my local post office, of all places, for 3 (!), I decided at the beginning of 2002 that I wanted to create a website totally dedicated to this movie. I had looked all across the Internet for websites on this movie, under both names of "Mutant" and "Night Shadows", but merely found at best DVD Reviews. So this spurred me on and for the past few months prior to this site's opening, I have been gathering information slowly but surely and am now picking up the pace for a final push towards the final product.

I thought that this movie deserved a website totally dedicated to it as I am sure there are many, many more people out there who are searching long and hard for such a site as I was once looking for. It was a job someone had to do someday, and it turned out it was me and now.

I am proud to be working on this website and am constructing it totally from scratch in HTML (something which I am slowly but surely learning). Having worked on websites since January 2001, my first site "New Dimensions" is totally dedicated to zombie movies (but a couple of other things too). It was working on this website that I had planned to create a page on Mutant, however, during a few section overhauls I had decided to wait and research a lot more to gain a much meatier section, but since then, the idea has turned into a whole new website. Having also constructed Horror Movie Hell, I felt it was time to pin down on a particular movie and go all out on it to make the best shrine I could.

That is the reason for this site. I hope you all enjoy it.

Webmaster of "Mutant: The Un-Official Site"