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29th June 2002: Two bits of news today - #1, the update of the site is complete so far as all the pages are now revamped for easier navigation, a tighter feel and a more professional finish. #2, I am pleased to announce that this site has won it's first award - thanks to for presenting "Mutant: The Un-Official" site with the "Freaking Scary Site" award.

27th June 2002: The HTML coding has been created for the site revamp to make it easier to navigate, and generally pull it together a bit better. So expect to see the site looking a little bit more different soon. I will also be doing general tinkering and whatnot, so there'll be many a change to come.

26th June 2002: The next update is currently in production, a question and answer session with "Mutant"'s producer, Igo Kantor. Expect this update to come soon, as well as a general facelift for the site. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Igo and Patrick J. Doody for their help in making this (coming soon) update possible.

23rd June 2002: Ah screw it, I'll open it today instead! lol. I just thought this morning, why not? This way I can get on with some other site-related matters earlier. No point in hanging around. Enjoy the site!

22nd June 2002: The site is almost ready to go live on Friday the 28th! Having worked on the site for months in little dribs and drabs, it's been a slow, yet not too demanding a job to do. I hope to get the quotes section built soon as well as get a little bit of extra information through a contact of mine.