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Information on Mutant:

*Filmed in 1983 - 84
*Length = 95 mins approx
*Film Ventures International released it
*Rated 18 in the UK
*The original UK video release includes 3 spelling mistakes on the cover - 2 on the blurb (the spelling of Bo's second name (the "s" was missed off) as well as writing "finds" instead of "find" and finally on the front cover credits where the film title is typed like this: "Mutunt".

Tagline: "Mankind's Deadliest Threat Will Not Come From The Skies"

Budget: $2.5 million

Mutant (UK Title and US Working Title)
Night Shadows (US Title)
Pestilence (US Working Title)
Toxic Waste (US Working Title)

Australia: R
Norway: 18
UK: 18


Edward L. Montoro Presents
Wings Hauser
Bo Hopkins
in "Mutant"
Starring: Lee Montgomery
Jody Medford
Special Appearance by Jennifer Warren
Director of Photography: Al Taylor
Music by Richard Bard
Associate Producer: Nethaniel J. Dunn
Executive Producers: Edward L. Montoro and Henry Fowles
Story by Michael Jones and John C. Kruize
Screenplay by Peter Z. Orton and Michael Jones and John C. Kruize
Produced by Igo Kantor
Directed by John "Bud" Cardos

The Blurb:

Josh Cameron (Wings Hauser) and his younger brother, Mike (Lee Montgomery), find themselves stranded when, during a vacation in the country, their car is waylaid by a group of local rednecks. They make their way to the nearest town, a place called Goodland, to look for help. There they find a near ghost-town, windows shuttered, stores closed tight. Wandering around in search of help, they discover a human corpse, hideously maimed.

In the local bar, they try to call for help, but find themselves instead in a fight with the rowdies who had run them off the road earlier. They are rescued by Sheriff Will Stewart (Bo Hopkin), and return with him to find that the body has gone. All that remains are a few drops of amber fluid. Will gathers a smaple of the fluid, herds the boys into his car and takes the sample to Dr. Myra Tate (Jennifer Warren) for analysis. Josh and Mike spend the night in a boarding house run by Mrs Naples. Meanwhile, Myra's tests reveal the amber fluid to be a chemical toxin that kills its victims by devouring their red blood cells.

In the dark of the night, Mike is attacked and dragged from his bed. Searching for his brother the next morning, Josh meets Holly Pierce (Jody Medford), a local school teacher, who offers him a lift to the gas station. On the way, they stop by her classroom. Josh hears a scream and races down to the basement. There he finds the second body, that of a small girl. But she is not the last victim. Before long, more bodies are discovered throughout the town, all with the same tell-tale wounds. However, not all the victims are dead. Will is attacked and nearly killed by crazed humans. Contaminated, but not yet dead, they crave his blood to sustain their own lives. Josh and Holly are also attacked, butr narrowly escape as more and more people succumb.

Myra determines that the cause of the horror must be the result of toxic chemicals permeating the earth, and contaminating the blood of the local town residents.

Suspicion leads Josh to investigate the nearby New Era Chemical plant where he discovers toxic chemical waste being illegally dumped. He narrowly escapes being murdered by a New Era thug when Holly crashes her car into the warehouse in which the dumping is taking place. Together, they race back to town with the information, but find themselves virtually the only surviving "humans". Myra has been killed by her contaminated lab.

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Full Cast And Crew Credits:

*****Produced by Laurelwood Productions and Film Ventures International (FVI)*****

Directed by:
John 'Bud' Cardos
Mark Rosman (uncredited; replaced by John Cardos)

Writing credits:
Michael Jones (screenplay)
John C. Kruize (screenplay)
John C. Kruize (story)
Peter Orton (screenplay)

Wings Hauser .... Josh Cameron
Bo Hopkins .... Sheriff Will Stewart
Jody Medford .... Holly Pierce
Lee Montgomery .... Mike Cameron
Marc Clement .... Albert
Cary Guffey .... Billy
Jennifer Warren .... Dr. Myra Tate
Danny Nelson .... Jack
Mary Nell Santacroce .... Mrs. Mapes
Stuart Culpepper .... Mel
Johnny Popwell Sr. .... Dawson
Ralph Redpath .... Vic
Larry Quackenbush .... Harve
Ralph Pace .... Art
Wallace Wilkinson .... Mr. Mitchell
Charles Franzen .... E.P.A. Man
Lit Connah .... Mrs. Miller
Jerry Rushing .... Albert's Gang
Chester Clark .... Albert's Gang
Joshua Lee Patton .... Albert's Gang
Pat Moss .... Penelope
Tina Kincaid .... Judy Ann
Dale Echols .... Mutant Creature (uncredited)
Joseph Long .... Mutant Creature (uncredited)
Earl Ramsey .... A Creature (uncredited)

Produced by:
Dick Clark .... co-producer
Igo Kantor .... producer
Edward L. Montoro .... executive producer

Original music by:
Richard Band

Cinematography by:
Alfred Taylor

Film Editing by:
Michael J. Duthie

Makeup Department:
Eric Fiedler .... makeup artist
Louis Lazzara .... makeup artist
David B. Miller .... special makeup effects

Special Effects by:
Paul Stewart .... special effects

Lonnie R. Smith Jr. .... stunts