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My First Experience of "Mutant"

I remember this quite vividly, I must have been 14 if I remember correctly (I'm now 18), and I was just getting into movies in a serious way, having watched them all my life, it was now that I was buying as many in official boxes as possible (I have a thing about owning official copies, it's quite a nice thing, lol).

My local post office had just recently placed a budget video bin in their floorspace and on a visit to get some milk and bread and the like (yes, small town post offices in the UK are all like this, lol), I noticed this video bargain bin. So obviously I had a good rumage around and came across a movie I had never heard of or seen anywhere before. That movie was "Mutant".

Looking at the price, it was only 3, so there was nothing to lose I thought, and I bought it (well of course my mother bought the video, lol, I don't think I could have gotten away with buying an 18 rated movie when I was 14 - although buying 15's were easer then than when I actually turned 15! Go figure).

Anyway, we got home and it being the summer, a nice hot and bright day, so of course I did the right thing. I shut myself inside with a cool glass of Coke and stuck the video in the machine. From the very first scene, which was Goddamn scary (at least for me when I was 14, I'm somewhat extraordinarily descensitised now! lol), I was transfixed. I watched the movie all the way through and it was certainly an entertaining and original experience. Being a child of the 1980's, I always enjoy a good movie from my birth year - the best year in history - 1984.

After that time went by and before I knew it I was nearly 16 before I watched it again, I don't know what happened! It must have been all those Raimi and Romero films I got into (and still am into) that distracted me from this B-Movie classic. So again, I watched the movie and it was still original and fresh, and since then I've seen it a good few more times.

Since then this movie has remained a classic of my early teenage years and remains as a classic of my newly found adulthood. So I figured it was about time to make a website about it, this website.

Thanks for listening,

Webmaster of "Mutant: The Un-Official Site"

If you wish to share your first experience of this movie, please send me your story and I will post it.