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Josh Cameron:

Played by Wings Hauser, Josh is one of the two city-slicker brothers who venture into the country on a vacation, but become stranded when they are run off the road by the local booze-hound rowdies.

He is the leader and his younger brother Mike follows his lead. Josh is the natural leader type and proves he knows his survival instincts better than the locals when it comes to fending off crazed zombie townsfolk. Seems that them city boys aren't so soft afterall.

Sheriff Will Stewart:

Played by Bo Hopkins (in a familiar role to him, the Sheriff), Will is the typical disaffected small town Sheriff, once the King of the country, but now a somewhat lowly alcoholic law enforcer who goes about the town of Goodland keeping just a strong enough hold over the locals to just keep them from going nuts.

A previous connection with the local Doctor, Myra Tate, plays on his mind and can be seen in the movie. He's more the strong silent type, but knows how to handle a heated situation, and this proves highly useful when the creatures come out to play.

Holly Pierce:

Played by Jody Medford, Holly is the country and western singer in waiting style character. She acts as both teacher at the local elementary school, she adores and takes a deep interest in her class, but she is also a local bar tender to the locals and rowdies alike.

Another somewhat quiet gal, she is hit on by the rough country boys frequently who are always after a piece of tail, and nothing more. Probably a hopeless romantic in waiting, but with the arrival of Josh in Goodland, things pick up and she soon teams up with the handsome young city-slicker who proves to be somewhat of a Knight in shining armour, amidst a town full of zombies of course.

Mike Cameron:

Played by Lee Montgomery, Mike is Josh's younger brother and likewise he is off on a holiday and finds himself in the exact same situation as Josh.

However, on arrival in the town, he and Josh end up in a bar fight and Mike comes off worse, taking a nasty wound from a knife, but he is soon fixed up and is sent to a local boarding house with Josh.

But things aren't so rosy for Mike, the following morning he goes missing...but what happened and where did he go?

Dr. Myra Tate:

The local doctor, she is a caring and considerate woman who often throws herself into her work which comes before herself.

A previous connection with the Sheriff, her time around him proves awkward and somewhat of a weight on her mind, but nevertheless she gets on with things the Myra Tate way. A strong minded character, she however proves not the strongest in a tight spot.

The Local Rowdies:

Consisting of Albert, Jerry, Chester and Joshua, the local gang of drunken-hoodlums are the usual suspects in any nastiness about the town, usually taking place at their favourite hang out, the bar.

With Josh and Mike's arrival, this gave them an excuse to show off their hicksville muscle by ramming the two city boys off the road, but before they know it, they end up in a fight with the very same pair of brothers, resulting in Mike being sliced with a knife.

Always hitting on poor Holly, these guys are a usual rabble of swelling beer bellies, greasy hair and baseball caps mixed with flannel shirts and jeans. A walking (or slurring really), shouting and fighting set of local misfits.